Choices Stories You Play Hack – Free Keys and Diamonds Android & IOS 2018

>> Choices Stories You Play Online Hack <<

Hey Everyone! In this video, I’m going to show you all an easy tutorial on how to get free keys and free diamonds with this Choices Stories You Play hack. This tool has no downsides, you can generate as many free keys and diamonds as you want.

Website –

How does it work?
This Choices Stories You Play tool works on both Android and iOS phones. All you have to do is go to the link above, select how many free keys or free diamonds you want to create, and then press generate.

If you’re still confused, just watch the video (all of it!). I go through all the steps so you see how easy it is to generate teh keys and diamonds for Choices Stories You Play.

I’m a big fan of Choices Stories You Play; It’s the only app I keep updated on my phone. That said, I often get people asking me for some sort of glitch or exploit for the game, so I did my research. Enjoy folks!

No Human Verification?
No. There’s no human verification with this Choices Stories You Play tool. On a few special occassions, depending on your IP and how much the hack is being used, it might ask you to verify. If it does, it’s no big deal. There’s no survey. All you have to do is install and run a couple of apps on your phone and you’ll be verified. Takes less than a minute to do in those cases.

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>> Choices Stories You Play Online Hack <<