High School Story 3: Secret Admirer – Demo Video

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Emily – a pretty high school girl has a crush on the cutest school boy ‘‘Matt”. During a summer camp trip, she got to know him a little better and they went on a date.

Back to school, She met with Matt’s childhood friend “Anna” as a new school student. Seeing Anna close to her high school sweetheart, Emily fretted about her ongoing School Romance.

Further, Matt planned a dinner date which messed up when Emily saw Anna at the apartment. Later on, Matt cleared everything about his relationship with Anna.

Moving on in this latest high school game, Emily gets ready to dive into the school routine. She finds a gift in her high school locker with a strange note, apparently placed by some secret admirer of her.

Take a journey into high school life! This high school romance game lets you make choices in Emily’s love life. Whatever decisions you make, it will impact her love story. So, make wise choices to make Emily’s love story successful.

Emily has to get ready for a romantic dinner date with her high school crush, so make her look gorgeous. Dress up her beautifully by choosing the most stylish outfit with matching shoes and accessories. Pick an appealing eye shade, lipstick and blush color, choose the most charming lens for the final makeup look.

High School 3 brings a lot of fun activities full of suspense and mystery. Girls looking for secret love story games will find it highly addictive due to an interesting storyline, bright visuals, and engaging sound effects.

Who is the secret admirer? What does he want?

Play this love story game to solve the mystery of Emily”s secret admirer. You will be playing the role of Emily – a high school student in this game, help her make right choices in her high school love life.

High School 3: Features

★ Dress up: Variety of stylish outfits, shirts, trousers, and shorts
★ Makeup: Beautiful eye shades, lipsticks, lens and blush
★ Accessories: Shoes, Bags & Jewelry Items
★ High School Romance: Go on a Dinner Date with Crush
★ Solve Mystery of Secret Admirer

This high school game is not limited to a school romance as it offers a range of stylish outfits for dress up along with beautiful makeup items. A variety of fashion accessories is also available for a delightful makeover look making this high school love story game interesting for teenage girls of all age.

So pretty girls, download High School Story 3 and make life more fun in your leisure time!!!
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