choices stories you play hack root – choices stories you play hack legit

>> Choices Stories You Play Online Hack <<

choices stories you play hack root – choices stories you play hack legit

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>> Choices Stories You Play Online Hack <<

Episode Hack: Unlimited Gems & Passes 2017 (Legit)

>> Choices Stories You Play Online Hack <<

Get unlimited gems and passes with this hack!

If the video appears to be a little blurry, change the quality in settings to HD.

I don’t really want to post this hack because it’s too tedious to reset a phone (for people who played episode account before) or even get a spare phone with no episode account yet (if you don’t want to reset phone) just to do the hack. But this is the only way I know how to hack the game to get unlimited gems and passes. Use at your own risk and I hope this works for you. This is a requested video. Enjoy!

•This only works for android.
•You will be starting over.
•No root/verification surveys.
•No online generators.


This hack works best for phones who don’t have episode account before (no stories read yet from the device).

But if you played episode game before using your device, you either reset your phone or use another phone to do the hack and just transfer the game data via restore.

For this hack, we need to use older versions of Episode since latest versions are already patched making it harder to hack.

But we won’t be able to open older versions of episode if we have played episode before because if you used latest versions of episode to play and have read new stories, when you open older version of the app, it will require you to update to the latest version thus you won’t be able to open old versions of app thus we cannot properly do the hack.

Therefore, you can choose to reset your phone to wipe your episode account completely or borrow another phone from your family or friends and do the hack from there.

Episode app no longer have the restart button and even if you clear data in the app’s settings, your original account will still be there thus we need a new phone or reset your phone.

Episode don’t permit transfers between android to IOS and vice versa therefore this hack only works for android.

You can do the hack only once so buy as much gems and passes before you transfer it to the latest version of episode or to another device.

You can do the hack multiple times with the device you used to hack then just create multiple accounts then transfer it to different android devices (I noticed that username and password change whenever I uninstall the app then reinstall it back). When you do this, just don’t install the latest version from the device you used to hack just in case you want to hack it again and create a new account.

When you do the hack from another device, when you transfer the data to your own phone, make sure to uninstall immediately the episode app patched by lucky patcher and don’t attempt to open it anymore.

When you use a different device to hack the game then transfer the game data to your own device, be sure to read 2-3 chapters before exiting app and don’t uninstall episode app because by doing so it may revert back to your old account. Even if you re-enter the username and password with the gems and passes in it, gems and passes won’t be there and it will still show your old account so don’t uninstall.

But if you reset your phone or you have a device which doesn’t have an episode account yet (no stories read) and do the hack from there, after buying gems and passes, just install the latest version of episode and gems and passes will be there automatically without entering username and password.

If you reset your phone make sure to check the “Allow installation from unknown sources”.

I already tried resetting my phone so I know it works, but if you don’t want to reset you phone, just go borrow another phone.

*If you encounter something like “limit already reached, come back later” just exit app then clear background process then re-open game. Then buy gems and passes all over again.*

*If there’s an error when transferring game date from spare phone to main phone, just go to settings of main phone then click apps then latest version of episode then click “clear data”. Re-open episode then enter username and password.

I still can’t find a working hack for IOS but I’ll update you guys!

Before you doubt when you see the lucky patcher, try it first. Thank you.

Episode v4.20
Link 1:

If the link above didn’t work, try this:
Link 2:

Lucky Patcher v6.5.7
Link 1:

If the link above didn’t work, try this:
Link 2:

Use at your own risk! This is completely safe. What might work for me might not work for you.

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Thanks for watching!

>> Choices Stories You Play Online Hack <<