The Sims Free Play HACK v5.34.3

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Get infinite life points and simoleons with this hack!

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•This only works for android users.
•This does not need to root device.
•Existing game will be lost and you will need to start over.
•You will need a Facebook account to log in and save your data.
•You can only do this once unless you want to start all over again.
•Use the mod app as much as you want to buy items then store it in your inventory then you can transfer those items, billions of simoleons and life points to the original app.
•Why transfer game data from mod app to original app? The mod app don’t update automatically therefore you need to use the original app so you can have an updated game.
•Once you transferred your game data from mod app to the original app, you cannot use the mod app again to play your existing game since you won’t be able to log in successfully without resetting the game.
•The mod app is in its latest version so you can use the mod app as long as you like then just transfer your game data to original app once there is a new update available.
•This hack only gives you infinite simoleons and life points. I do not know how to hack vip points. Since generator hack won’t work because of those human verification surveys, this is the only hack I can think of.
•Before transferring game data to original app, be sure to finish the whole tutorial.
•If it won’t work for you, message me.

Use at your own risk! This is completely safe. What might work for me might not work for you.

The Sims FreePlay MOD v5.34.3:

Removing The Sims FreePlay in your Facebook Account link:

Steps to hack the Sims FreePlay: (Please watch the whole video before referring to these so you won’t get confused and for the hack to work)
1. Uninstall original app of The Sims FreePlay if you have it.
2. Install mod app from the link provided in the description box.
3. Play tutorial until you can access the game’s settings.
4. Go to “Options” then click “Reset Game”.
5. It will restart over then play tutorial until you can access the game’s settings.
6. Go to “Account Manager” then click “Log In”.
7. If it won’t let you log in, you’ll need to remove your game’s access to your Facebook account. If you’re using Google Chrome via mobile, click Google’s settings and tick off “Request Desktop Site” then paste “” to your browser’s URL then log in to your Facebook account.
8. Locate the Sims FreePlay game then, click the “x” button on the upper-right corner of the app then choose “Remove”.
9. Open The Sims FreePlay again and click “Log In”. You should be able to log in successfully.
10. Complete the whole tutorial then use the mod app to buy items and store it in your inventory if you are going to transfer your game data to the original app. The mod app is in its latest version so you can use the mod app as long as you like then just transfer your game data to original app once there is a new update available.

Transferring Game Data from Mod App to Original App:
11. Go to game’s settings then click “The Cloud”.
12. Click “Upload Save Data” then click “Yes”.
13. After saving, uninstall mod app then reinstall original app from the Google Play Store.
14. Open Original app then wait for the files to be downloaded. Click Download Save Data then choose “Log In”.
15. After Logging in, click “Continue”. Congrats! You have successfully transferred your game data from mod app top the original app. You can now enjoy your billions worth of simoleons and life points.

00:00 Warnings
00:11 Uninstall Original App
00:22 Installation of Mod App
00:42 Doing the Hack
02:10 Removing the Sims FreePlay in your Facebook Account
02:37 Logging into Facebook Account using Mod App
02:50 Completion of Tutorial (you can just skip these)
03:21 Buying Items then Storing it into Inventory
03:53 Transfer of Game Data to Original App

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